Nail H. Ibragimov

a scientific head of the laboratory GAMMETT,

director of the international research centre ALGA (Advances in Lie Group Analysis) and a honorary Professor at the Department of Mathematics of Blekinge Institute of Technology (Karlskrona, Sweden).

The main scientific results:

 theory of generalized motions in Riemannian spaces (1969);

 differential algebraic approach to conservation laws and proving converse Noether theorem (1969);

 solution of Hadamard's problem on the Huygens principle in space- times with a nontrivial conformal group (1970);

 building of the new laws in hydrodynamics (1973);

 theory of Lie-Backlund transformation groups (1979);

 theory and applications of approximate and nonlocal symmetries (1987);

 invariance principles in initial value problems (1992);

 infinitesimal theory of invariants of families of differential equations; Laplace type invariants extension of Euler's integration method from hyperbolic to parabolic equations (1996-2008);

 theory of nonlinear self-adjointness and a new conservation theorem with applications (2006-2012).

In recent years, Professor Nail H. Ibragimov has been paying much attention to promotion of methods of group analysis: he published in English lecture notes in differential equations and mathematical modelling based on a course of lectures that he delivered in Sweden in 2000-2011. This tutorial translated into Russian St, Swedish, Chinese and other languages. He also publishes the journal "Archives of ALGA" containing new as well as little known (or neglected) results in group analysis of differential equations. N.H. Ibragimov initiated and conducted major developments in theory and applications of modern group analysis. To a large extent, this is facilitated by the series of annual international conferences MOGRAN.

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